Shandon Street Business Association
A History
Shandon Street Business Association was formed in November 2001 in responce to the annoucement that Cork City Council was planning a major development initiative for the Shandon area.

The main objective for our association is to bring Shandon Street back to its former glory as one of the princciple shopping streets in the City and to maximise the tourism potential of this historic part of our City.

The Association has submitted proposals to City Council over the past nine years on many issues including improvement to street lighting,security,vacant and derelict buildings,on and off street parking facilities,traffic flow and litter control.

With work closely with Shandon Area Renewal Association to improve the environmental and social well-being of our area. We have also highlighted the unique shopping experience that is Shandon Street ,where many businesses are still family run and offer a personal and quality service to shoppers in a traditional setting that is typically Cork.

The Association has also taken the initiative in improving the appearance of our street in order to attract shopers andd other businesses to the area.We have encouraged businesses to improve the apperance of there premises and add a bit of colour by installing flower boxes and imaginative window displays.
A number of businesses have won awards in the Better Building Awards run by Cork City Council Including Murphy & Condon Solicitors, Cathedral Credit Union and Eugene's Bar.